Data Life has been providing actuarial and pension services since 1964. Working closely with our in-house software developers and other allied industry experts we form a one-stop solution to your actuarial service needs.

From corporate inception, Data Life has been assisting businesses, large and small, with pension plan design, regulatory filings, and valuations.

Our actuarial team can provide actuaries assistance on statutory, GAAP, and tax basis valuations. This includes Triple X, and the new AXXX regulations. We are qualified to provide statutory actuarial options for filing and regulatory authorities.

We have assembled a savvy, interdisciplinary team of professionals to help life insurance companies increase productivity, profitability and market penetration.

Data Life calls upon resources of many affiliated organizations especially its business partner Actuarial Strategies, and industry leaders in legal and insurance tax law like, Blazzard, Grodd, and Hasenauer, P.C. and accounting, reinsurance, and life insurance underwriting.

We are flexible in setting up fee arrangements. Fees can be based by the hour, by the project, or on a retainer basis plus expenses. We are extremely sensitive to our clients budgeting constraints by providing tight cost estimates and by keeping you apprised of any fee changes that arise from requested revision.

Our actuarial team provides innovative solutions to the marketing and design challenges of today's products. A full range of services are available from product concept to regulatory compliance and sales materials. Our product design is based on careful consideration of your existing product lines, marketing goals, comparisons, expenses, claims experience, reserves, surplus constraints, and product objectives. Our experience includes, but is not limited to:
  • Universal life
  • Separate account
  • General account, and
  • Private placement,
  • Life survivorship and estate protection,
  • Interest sensitive life
  • Long-term care policies and life riders,
  • Critical illness policies and life riders, and
  • Traditional life products.

We use our proprietary software, the Modeling Tool Kit (MTK), to make the design, development, and analysis process fast, easy, and creative. With Data Life's financial modeling capabilities your analysis process will be expedited to help you creatively market your products and riders. The MTK software is a sophisticated product engine allowing you to readily and dynamically analyze and illustrate your product concept. You can even use the MTK system to assist you in working with your distribution channels to see your new product "in action" while it is still being refined.

Data Life provides filing services that range from preparation of the actuarial memorandum to assuming full responsibility for your compliance needs.

We are qualified to provide statutory actuarial opinions as required for filing with regulatory authorities. This includes the demonstration of asset/liability matching, Triple X and AXXX regulations. We are equally capable of assisting with statements filed under GAAP and purchase GAAP.

Over the years, Data Life has enabled a number of clients to minimize surplus strain and financial risk through innovative reinsurance programs. Extensive contacts with reinsurance organizations throughout the world have enabled Data Life to arrange YRT, coinsurance, modified coinsurance, and stop-loss coverage tailored to the client's needs. We can also assist in the analysis of existing reinsurance programs, evaluating competing reinsurance proposals, and negotiating new treaties .

Data Life provides filing services that range from preparation of the actuarial memorandum to assuming full responsibility for your compliance needs.

We are well versed in the intricacies related to the design, illustration, and administration issues as they apply to IRC 7702 and 7702A. Our Actuarial team can provide actuarial assistance on statutory, GAAP and tax basis valuations.

Data Life's actuarial team & Lifeweb Case Management system can be tailored to meet all your pension needs for insurance companies, financial advisers, agencies and brokerage firms.