The Data Life MTK ® software was developed to provide carriers with a flexible and accurate modeling tool that facilitates product analysis, implementation, illustrations and development to support new sales

The MTK ® system features four primary modeling environments that are also referred to as modules . The system also includes two custom modules.

Universal Life Product Model
New Business Illustration Model
In-force Illustration Model
Policy Administration Model
Custom Models

Life Settlement
Private Placements

The system modules are supported by a powerful Universal Life Product Engine. The Product Engine is a highly diverse and robust tax compliant engine. Further, a wide range of Universal Life Product chassis are supported.

IRC section 7702 and 7702A compliant
IRC section 72(e) taxable amount
UL product chassis'

UL - declared interest
New money rates
VUL - separate accounts
Private Placements
Hybrid UL
Secondary Guarantees
Table driven rates/design
Table driven Rules

Broad range of rider benefits


The complete software package is capable of running on a stand-alone 32- or 64-bit Windows XP/Vista/7 PC hardware platform or in a network environment.

The system was designed to allow for a web-enabled version of the software.

A key feature of the software is its modular design. The base system provides a framework into which calculation modules are "plugged in" to support each product. In particular, this design lends itself to black-box solutions where a calculation module is required for an existing application.

All functions are accessible through a convenient menu-driven interface in which context-sensitive help is always available.


Built-in and custom formats are available to facilitate the illustration, design and analysis process.

The illustration system is written in Visual Basic.

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