The Data Life illustration software was developed to provide carriers with a flexible and accurate sales tool that can make a good product look even better in an increasingly competitive and dynamic market.
The user-friendly interface provides point-and-click menus and extensive help screens that provide an intuitive environment for anyone with minimal insurance background and computer skills.
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The complete software package is capable of running on a stand-alone 32-bit Windows 9X/NT/2000 PC hardware platform or in a network environment.

The illustration system was designed to allow for a web-enabled version of the software. In addition, updates to the software can be distributed via a web site.

A key feature of the software is its modular design. The base system provides a framework into which calculation modules are "plugged in" to support each product.

All functions are accessible through a convenient menu-driven interface in which context-sensitive help is always available.

Importing and exporting of data is supported using the Acord TXLife standards. Additional proprietary formats commonly used in insurance software are also supported.

The solve routines that are included in each implementation are customized for the specific client's needs and the intended market.

The concepts also vary based upon the products, market and desire of the carrier. Examples include:
- Traditional Split Dollar,
- Deferred Compensation,
- Private Split Dollar, and
- Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERP).

The system currently supports the following fixed and variable products:
- Term,
- Traditional & Participating Life,
- Universal Life,
- Variable Universal Life,
- Survivorship,
- Interest Sensitive Life,
- Private Placement,
- Annuities,
- Long-Term Care and
- Disability Income.

Another key feature to the system is the ability for an authorized home office user, typically an actuary, to make changes to the product factors for pricing and other analysis.

The illustration system is written in Visual Basic.
The following pages contain some representative screens in the system.