Life Settlement Analyzer and Consulting Support

Data Life designed the "Life Settlement Analyzer" to enable you to quickly and effectively analyze the cost of funding (i.e. premium requirements) a given contract/policy. The system enables the user to readily consider the impact of worse case scenarios such as survivorship beyond life expectancy; maximum cost of insurance; and minimum interest crediting assumptions.

With Data Life's Actuarial expertise we have developed a Universal Life Product Model which enables the user to build your own UL product from the information supplied with the client's in-force projection. In conjunction with the COI extrapolator, the user can easily replicate the client's product and thereby better utilize valuable time in performing the actual analysis.

Life Settlement Consulting Support : Another service that Data Life offers is to have our Actuarial Department do an estimate for you to analyze the cost of funding a specific policy for your clients. Click on "Contact Us" on our web site and we will be glad to assist you. Our actuarial fees are charged on an hourly basis.

The Data Life "Life Settlement Analyzer" and the Life Settlement Consulting Team utilized the following custom features for the Life Settlement market to be more accurate and profitable.

  • Cost of Insurance (COI) reverse engineering
  • Automatic Aging Features
  • Produce conservative projections using
    • Maximum COI
    • Maximum COI and Minimum interest
  • The system can readily determine premium funding requirements via 5 user defined options.
    • Determine the minimum monthly premium to avoid lapse..
    • Let the premium equal the annualized cost of insurance.
    • Solve for level premium over the Life Expectancy (LE) period
    • User defined cash payment schedule.
    • Maximum initial Withdrawal for contracts with excess funding.
  • Purchase price analysis features
    • Discount the death benefit at the desired rate of return.
    • Discount the premium funding at an independent rate consistent with the funding assumptions.
    • The net result is the deterministic Gross Purchase offering before intermediary sales expenses.
    • Optional probabilistic feature enabling the analysis of the Underwriter's LE in conjunction with 4 alternative LE's in one concise report.

The MTK Life Settlement Analyzer is a powerful tool that is easy to use, easy to install and perfect to enhance your pricing analysis for your Life Settlement clients or call or Life Settlement Consulting Team to do the analysis for you.